Child Safety

Child safety is our #1 priority!

The safety and well-being of the children we serve is Big Brothers Big Sisters' highest priority. Before making a match, our Enrollment and Matching Team carefully screens all volunteers to be sure we not only make a match that lasts, but that children are safe.

We focus on child safety by providing:

  • Thorough, professional screening.
  • Child safety and child abuse prevention education programs for volunteers, parents and children.
  • Guidelines that establish appropriate boundaries and respect a child’s right to feel safe.
  • Ongoing BBBS Match Support contact with each party in the match. This helps provide up-to-date information about safety issues and early warnings of potential problems throughout the match relationship.

Each volunteer must complete a thorough screening process that includes:

  • Completion of a formal written application
  • Criminal history record check and a driver’s license record check
  • Fingerprinting
  • Personal references
  • In-person interview
  • Home assessment

The BBBS Match Support Specialist maintains required consistent scheduled contacts with each member of the match party.

After a match is made, our Match Support team maintains regular contact with the parent, child and volunteer. During the first year of the match, this contact takes place monthly. After the first year, quarterly contact is made. These conversations serve not only to measure the health of the match, but to address any areas of concern.

Match Support Specialists are also available at any time to help with your questions or concerns.


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