“I got involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters because I know that there are a lot of children that don’t have the ability to reach their full potential like other kids do, and I’ve always wanted to help out a kid. I want to be a good role model and help out as much as I can.” –Steve, Big Brother

"For those considering volunteering I would say go for it!! I would also say that while Big Brothers Big Sisters allows you to make an impact on your Little, your Little can also impact you. Through spending time with my Little I have gained a more positive outlook on life, become more confident in all aspects of my life and I am more willing to try new things. Big Brothers Big Sisters has drastically changed my life and I am so happy I signed up for this program two years ago." -Ashley, Big Sister

"I got involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters because I grew up without a father; it was a program that wasn’t around when I was growing up so when I learned about it and about what it did I felt like I wanted to help kids that were growing up like I did. For guys thinking about being a Big Brother, just do it. It’s not a huge time commitment and you get to hang out with a great kid." -Mike, Big Brother

"The best part of being a Big? It is so much fun! It’s definitely a stress reliever for me when I get to hang out with my Little. She has a lot of energy and I love trying to keep up with her." -Morgan, Big Sister

"I enjoy Big Brothers Big Sisters because it’s a chance to impact a young person and hopefully be a positive role model for him. I think, especially as a guy, a lot of these young guys don’t’ have older male role models so it’s important to be there for them. I really enjoy it because my little is really into sports and is pretty open to doing anything, so I find it really easy. Whether we play go basketball, go to a football game or go to basketball game or Saginaw Spirit game, it’s really easy and stuff I enjoy too." Ian, Big Brother

"I really enjoy being a Big Sister. My little is awesome and I look forward to spending time with her. Being a Big is a great excuse to try new things and to do things that I used to love as a child. Anyone looking to volunteer with kids should consider Big Brothers Big Sisters because you're not making a little difference in the lives of a lot of kids, you're making a big difference in the life of one child- I like that." -Michelle, Big Sister



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